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Hey there, Boston businesses. Your go-to ad agency is just a short drive away. With a staff of nearly 50 talented individuals, we provide marketing and advertising services that surpass most Boston agencies—and we do it without charging Boston prices.

At Davis, you get the ideas, you get the client services, and you get the in-house production. We’re just a phone call away and only minutes from the Massachusetts Turnpike (I-90) at Exit 11. Discover your new agency today!

You Get The Production

One of Massachusetts' largest ad agencies, we're also a full-service production house with an array of services, including TV and radio production, web design, web development and analytic services, 3D and 2D animation in our motion graphics department, photography, and creative writing.

Our 14,000 square foot facility is also equipped with a photo studio and focus group room. It’s everything you need, all in one house.

We Know Our Clients

Are you a B2B business looking for a website or branding campaign? A growing franchise in need of marketing and advertising? A college or educational institution looking for an agency of record? Perhaps you’re a financial institution in search of financial marketing expertise.

Whatever your industry may be, our decades of marketing and advertising experience make us the best choice for any marketing, branding or advertising campaign. Discover Davis, where you get the ideas, the experienced client services and the exceptional production.



Want to write the greatest print ad, radio spot, or TV commercial of all time? Well, there are two basic things you need to figure out before you craft your work of art:

1. What you want to say

2. How you want to say it

While it may seem easy, deciding “What you want to say” can be a difficult task. You need to figure out the single most important selling point of your product or service. Too many copywriters try to cram several selling points—or benefits—into the ad’s basic message. You need to focus on one selling point and only one.



In a previous blog, we discussed the intangible aspects that go into making a great jingle. Today we are expanding on that description of an exceptional jingle by pointing out the physical elements that one needs to include in the jingle’s final product. This will all be done using an example from our own portfolio here at Davis Advertising.


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“I’d like to buy the world a Coke.”

Chances are, you have heard these lyrics before, or at least are aware of the tune’s melody. That is one reason why this theme is considered by many to be the best advertising jingle of all time. Merriam-Webster defines a jingle as a short song that is easy to remember, and that is used to help sell a product on television or radio. “I’d like to buy the world a Coke,” epitomizes this description, as well as adds to it.


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If your city or town is anything like ours then frozen yogurt shops are popping up everywhere. Apparently, there was an intense need for curdled/frozen/sweetened/flavored milk across this great country of ours.

Who knew?

While we love a good cup of froyo as much as the next guy, what truly inspires us are the crazy names […]

Marketing with Emotion: Tissue Box Marketing

For those who don’t know, there is a new movement afoot: “tissue box marketing,” whereby advertisements are placed on the side of tissue boxes, in the same way that “Missing” photos are placed on milk cartons.

… And if you believe that, let me tell you about this wonderful bridge I have for sale […]

Davis Advertising’s ROI Dashboard Raises Eyebrows

Over the past year, Davis Advertising has been developing and fine tuning a specialized tool to help its clients track engagement with landing pages after a website visitor clicks on an ad. It’s common knowledge that businesses can track website visits and ad clicks using Google’s tools such as Adwords and Analytics, but what […]

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    4 Key Questions You Need to Answer Before Launching a Mobile App

4 Key Questions You Need to Answer Before Launching a Mobile App

Smartphones are everywhere. At this point, you probably don’t need to be presented with just how many customers use smartphones, percentages of which smartphones are being used, or any other related stats. I can honestly say that I have more trouble naming people I know that DON’T have a smartphone than the other way around.

For this discussion, we’re going to assume that every single person on the planet has a smartphone. And, with that assumption in mind, we’ll begin to draft the question: Does my company need its own app?

Before you can decide if your business needs an app, ask yourself these 4 key questions: […]

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Migrating to a New Platform

This goes out to all of the marketing people who have no control over their websites. Those who have to pick up a phone to change the wording on a page. Those who cannot add news articles without sending out emails to four or five different people. Those whose sites have sat dormant, unchanged […]

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Customer Service Phrases That Put You On The Naughty List

In the spirit of the season, we wanted to talk a little bit about customer service during this time of year—everything from what you write on social media or say to customers over the phone, in email blasts and in person. The holidays can be stressful, and the wrong choice of words can make them feel mistreated, sending your customers straight to the loudest platforms they can to disrupt your business’ holiday season. Avoid these phrases this holiday season. […]

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Disappearing Coupons? Vanishing Messages? Sounds Like Fun!

You may have heard the recent news about a $3 billion offer that was refused by a small company Facebook was trying to buy. That company is the maker of the Snapchat app, available on Android and IOS.

How is this news relevant to you? We’re here to help you establish if your brand can utilize this app with a successful business model that surrounds it, or if it is simply another venue to place advertising, much like what Twitter, Instagram, and Google Adwords has become.

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