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Hey there, Boston businesses. Your go-to ad agency is just a short drive away. With a staff of nearly 50 talented individuals, we provide marketing and advertising services that surpass most Boston agencies—and we do it without charging Boston prices.

At Davis, you get the ideas, you get the client services, and you get the in-house production. We’re just a phone call away and only minutes from the Massachusetts Turnpike (I-90) at Exit 11. Discover your new agency today!

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One of Massachusetts' largest ad agencies, we're also a full-service production house with an array of services, including TV and radio production, web design, web development and analytic services, 3D and 2D animation in our motion graphics department, photography, and creative writing.

Our 14,000 square foot facility is also equipped with a photo studio and focus group room. It’s everything you need, all in one house.

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Are you a B2B business looking for a website or branding campaign? A growing franchise in need of marketing and advertising? A college or educational institution looking for an agency of record? Perhaps you’re a financial institution in search of financial marketing expertise.

Whatever your industry may be, our decades of marketing and advertising experience make us the best choice for any marketing, branding or advertising campaign. Discover Davis, where you get the ideas, the experienced client services and the exceptional production.


Hi-‘Resolution’ Technology for 2015

Reach more customers by taking advantage of upcoming trends

A new year means individuals resolving to make themselves better; so why shouldn’t your business do the same? Obviously, as an entity a company can’t trudge to the gym daily or adhere to a strict diet; what businesses can do is have leadership that is aware of new trends in technology—ones that could help you become lean and mean.

To get you started, we discuss just five developments to look for.


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A new year—time to start fresh, clean, and…green?

You’ve likely heard that “going green,” or implementing certain on-the-job changes to facilitate a more eco-friendly workplace, can benefit your business. The verdict: It’s true!

So what does it mean to “go green” exactly? Eco-friendly companies strive to present a positive impact on the environment and their surrounding […]

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Is It Best for Businesses to Open on Thanksgiving Day?

We are all familiar with the Black Friday scene: tens to hundreds of people lined up in the freezing cold just before midnight to get into a large chain store, only to get trampled when the doors finally open. Anything for that $100 flat screen!


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From Space Invaders to Super Mario Brothers and Halo to Half-Life, video games have always been a viable source of entertainment for millennials. Throughout the years the perception of video games has been that they are nothing more than a way to kill time while providing diversion. Few believed that anyone could actually play video games for a living. Thanks to millennials, however, those perceptions have gone right out the window, and this spells opportunity for marketers.


Be a Purple Cow

On my way into work, I often listen to audiobooks, podcasts, or TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) Talks. Yes, I am kind of a geek in that way. Who needs music? Not me. Old-man stigma be damned, I was recently listening to a TED Talk by Seth Godin called “How to Get Your Ideas to Spread.” The main point of his talk is that to get your ideas to spread, they need to be described in one way—REMARKABLE.


This week I want to talk about the force.  Not the force that Jedis control or manipulate but rather the force to change brand and product perceptions that millennials wield. I touched on this subject in an “A Community is a Diverse Organism,” but let’s discuss one particular group of millennials, brand ambassadors, in more detail.



It’s no secret that millennials aren’t shy about sharing our opinions. It’s also no secret that our voices reach more people and stay around for longer than the voices of prior generations, thanks to the Internet. But what does this mean for your business? How can you avoid the dangers of opinion-wielding, Internet-loving millennials?

Most importantly, how can you turn today’s online discussion in your favor?



A relationship is a two-way street, with give and take. So why are so many companies only talking to millennials instead of with us?

It’s no secret that Millennials like to be part of online communities, but we would take it one step further. Millennials (and a growing number of all consumers) like to be part of the show—not just an audience member. We like to share our ideas and thoughts with you and everyone else in the community, and we want to be heard and acknowledged when we do. This is a fact that companies need to be aware of as they attempt to build online communities and support networks.


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By Chris Gregoire, Digital Strategy, Davis Advertising

Project work is hard—not the actual work I have to put into it, but everything else about it.

One of the biggest challenges I run into is determining what a project-based job should cost. Deciding how to estimate a website design and development can cause me to lose a few of the precious hairs I have left, especially if a website is all that a client wants from us.


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Millennials are the first generation to really take hold of the idea that an individual person is a brand and a company. With the advancement of technology and ease of access to the Internet, millennials are fully aware of the power of their voices and ability to influence people and behaviors on a large […]

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