Project Description

Putting our branding, graphic design, photo-editing and copywriting skills to use, Davis Advertising recently transformed SIS Bank’s uneven and lackluster print advertising into a consistent and effective campaign that strengthens the bank’s brand and calls consumers to action.

As shown in the example above, the new ads employ a bold color scheme and intelligent graphic design that draw attention not only to the ad itself but to important elements within it. For example, in previous ads, the bank’s logo was not attracting enough attention, so the design team implemented a repetition of the “swoop” that underscores the photograph at the top; by also placing a swoop above the logo, eyeballs are drawn to it.

Additionally, recognizing the need for consistent use of color, Davis’s graphic artists re-emphasized the bank’s use of maroon while adding aqua blue – found here in the border – because it complemented the maroon and because it was already being used on the company’s website. The border itself ensures that the entire ad will be noticed no matter where it appears.

The result is a more attractive advertising campaign and a greater likelihood that SIS Bank will be noticed by potential customers – and that’s just another example of how Davis Advertising brings out the best in brands.