Project Description

From conceptualization to editing and distribution, producing this cinema ad for Hanover Insurance was a unique opportunity for Davis Advertising to showcase its creative talents. First, the agency came up with a movie-related idea – the superhero insurance agent. Then, once the spot was written and signed off on by the client, production required an array of preparations such as casting professional actors and scouting a location for the shoot. Finally, the cinema ad was shot and edited and graphics were added.

In the end the commercial’s success is a reflection of Davis Advertising’s in-house capabilities. Not only do more than 50 professionals call Davis Advertising home, but the agency’s own video production studio is continually updated with the most effective gear technology available, including state-of-the-art cameras and workstations. This is good news for clients, as ideas benefit from internal collaboration, money is saved, and the time spent from conceptualization to distribution is reduced.

For Davis Advertising and Hanover Insurance, this was a win-win. Davis was able to showcase its abilities in a new way, and Hanover Insurance gained the kind of big-screen exposure that only a movie theater can provide.