Business development and growth requires creative, eye-catching and highly functional websites, and our team of expert web developers tailors websites to the individual needs of companies in order to improve marketing, sales, customer relations and social networking opportunities while delivering high-level search engine optimization (SEO). Davis Advertising uses its knowledge in web design to create aesthetically pleasing and highly functional websites that fulfill the needs of the online user and the company. Davis Advertising uses the most modern techniques in web design, including responsive design, mobile optimization, HTML5 and CSS3, and several different CMS models to best suit the needs of our clients. From brochure websites to ecommerce solutions, Davis Advertising can provide a superior, customized user experience.

In the website management realm, Davis Advertising provides reliable oversight that prioritizes user-friendly platforms for clients and for client-customers, along with effective communication between the client and Davis. Furthermore, Davis Advertising also brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the design and implementation of web-based advertising and marketing implements such as banners, digital newsletters, webinars, Search Engine Marketing and more.